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Our latest publication – ‘Haverhill Board Schools’.

– An insight into the old Cangle school.

Haverhill Board Schools ("The Cangle") - Book cover.
TitleNon-member priceMember price
At The Border £10£9
Castle Camps to Rawalpindi £5£4.50
Empire & Playhouse £4£3.50
A glimpse of Haverhill in the 1970s £3£2.50
A glimpse into Haverhill Between Wars £3£2.50
A glimpse into Edwardian Haverhill£3£2.50
A glimpse into Haverhill’s Railways £4£3.50
A glimpse into Victorian Haverhill£4£3.50
Haverhill Cricket Club £12£11
Haverhill Historian£2£2
Haverhill’s Home Front £5£4.50
Haverhill Middle Ages £4£3.50
Haverhill Rovers £10£9
Haverhill Through Time£12£11
Letters from the Front £10£9
Notable Buildings £5£4.50
Pocket Images £5£4.50
Quakers of Haverhill £2£1.50
Shining Fragment £4£3.50
Strange Haverhill £6£5
Voices of the Cangle £3£2.50
A glimpse into Queen Street £5£4.50
Up Sages End £8£7
Haverhill Board Schools £7£6
Story My Mother                      £10£9

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